Drug & Alcohol

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Studies show that when combined with therapeutic programs, monitoring increases rates of long-term sobriety. Many people in early recovery find that ongoing, random drug testing is helpful in providing accountability for themselves and for their families. Our counsellors can help create a drug-monitoring program that suits your individualized needs. Therapeutic monitoring may include urine analysis and/or breath alcohol testing.

Legal & Pre-employment

Employers, legal professionals and governing bodies may require individuals to be drug tested and/or monitored for legal purposes. Our DOT certified specimen collectors take collections on site using legal chain of custody forms. The specimen is then shipped to an independent laboratory for testing and results are reviewed by our medical review officer, Dr. Daniel Vincent. Urinalysis and hair testing are available.

Soberlink Breath Alcohol Testing

Soberlink is a handheld mobile breathalyzer device designed specifically for alcohol monitoring. Using professional grade fuel cell technology and adaptive facial recognition, Soberlink is a convenient and discreet alcohol monitoring program that promotes accountability and behavior change.  Soberlink Video: Click here.

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