why dbt

Why DBT?

Why DBT? Have you ever been told that you are “sensitive”? Do you sometimes seemingly “overreact” to small things? Are you engaging in behaviours that

we restore hope

We restore hope…

By David Burns ” At Burns Clinical Life Options,  we restore hope. We know that alcohol and drug use ruins lives, ruptures families and destroys

detachment take care of yourself


By David Burns What is Detachment?  It doesn’t mean not caring it means taking care of yourself and letting others take responsibility for their actions

be proud

Be Proud

By David Burns Pride is a good thing. It can nurture our self worth. Too often we don’t allow ourselves to be proud of an 

merry christmas

Merry Christmas to Our Clients

By David Burns Merry Christmas Merry Christmas to our clients. The end of the year brings no greater joy than the opportunity to express to



By Dave Burns ACCEPTANCE: Acceptance helps reduce what people experience as negative. That is only half of the solution to improving one’s quality of life,

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